Novem Foris

My Uncle's Castle

Current Party:
Jeran, Kelak, Tine, Vahn
The newly formed company, The Lost Lodge Trading Company, was hired to clear a house with an unknown threat. This house belonged to Mera Gamge, recently orphaned due to the death of her mother.
Some time ago, Mike requested that Erik investigate the death of Mera’s mother and uncle. Both had recently disappeared and were presumed dead after months of searching. Mera knew Mike when they were both street brats, before she and her mother went to live with her uncle.
The group traveled to the small town of Tiford, hoping to investigate the mystery and determine what happened to the poor girl’s relatives. The townsfolk were wary of strangers and generally reluctant to talk about the weather, let alone the local nobility.
It was soon discovered that the local lord was a vampire. A fierce battle occurred, with both sides experiencing damage. It was then discovered that the local lord was not the only vampire. Having limitations due to injuries, and no priest nearby, the group ran back to town and reported the information to the local guard. Soon the nest of vampires was cleared out and Lady Cassandra appointed Lord Edmund Robern to govern the area.
This still left the matter of the missing relatives and the house. With the help of Jane, the owner of The Copper Kettle Inn who has become a business acquaintance and personal friend, a new guardian for Mera was found. The guardian would be responsible for her care until she comes of age in four years. At that time, she can inherit her uncle’s house.
Erik was involved with council meetings, so he hired two new people to assist Jeran and Tine. The party headed up to the house to investigate.
Unable to gain access through the front door, the party entered the house through the side servants’ entrance. The party encountered a shrieker in the front parlor, set up as a house alarm. They then began to search the rest of the house. In the servants’ quarters, they encountered giant ants, which they soon dispatched. Traveling through the manor, they also encountered a pair of giant black widow spiders and a giant centipede. After a short battle, these creatures were no longer a threat. The ballroom was of interest as the magical tapestries caused time to move differently within that room. Time moved faster than that outside the room, so that every ten minutes spent in the room equated to only five minutes for the rest of the manor. The group also discovered a large pit in the kitchen. They could hear scurrying noises at the bottom of the 50 foot pit, but opted to explore that area later.
One of the last rooms cleared was the laboratory of the uncle. A short battle with a clay golem almost resulted in Tine being used as a non-standard weapon. However, Vahn retreated to the ballroom, where he was able to shoot multiple arrows into the golem due to the time difference.
The group also discovered a very strange bird. The skylight in one of the bedrooms was broken and a large raven flew into the room. Vahn asked Tine to lift him up so he could see through the window and discovered that the bird had only flown a short distance away and was still on the roof. The roof was also covered with claw prints from the bird. The bird seemed intelligent, but Vahn was unable to successfully communicate with it. It soon flew off and landed on the roof of the nearby stables.
As the house (at least the upper level) was cleared of vermin, the group decided to rest in the house that night. A watch was scheduled to make sure nothing crawled out of the hole in the kitchen floor. Tine spent part of the evening with a chess set that would function with only one player. Jeran explored the laboratory, copying passages of books. Vahn ensured that Jeran was only copying and not ‘borrowing’. Keliak snored away, comfortably sleeping on one of the couches in the library.
The next day, the group carefully climbed down (or in the case of the dwarf, was lowered down) the pit in the kitchen. The group immediately encountered what was part of the kitchen disposal system: two rust monsters and an ooze. Jeran and Tine retreated to the back, leaving Vahn and Keliak to fight the rust monsters. Keliak was hit multiple times, resulting in the loss of his hand crafted armor.
Next session, the group will continue down the tunnel…

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